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◆Borrowing/reserving best seller books (Yokohama)

Borrowing/reserving a book located on the shelf called "1階ベスト本" for the Holding Location is allowed only Kanagawa University students.

◆Laboratory holdings

Please note that laboratory holdings in the Holding Location named below are not available through the library.<br>
"経済貿易研究所", "言語研究センター", "人文学研究所", "常民文化研究所"


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  • Bruce Alberts [ほか] 著 ; 青山聖子 [ほか] 訳. -- 南江堂, 2011.<Books>
  • written by Rob Waring and Maurice Jamall ; : pbk. -- Thomson, 2006. -- (Foundations reading library ; level 5). -- Volumes:: pbk<Books>
  • Bruce Alberts [ほか] 著 ; 青山聖子 [ほか] 翻訳. -- 第5版. -- ニュートンプレス, 2010.<Books>

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